Hi there!
I'm Adriano, beardman and Co-founder of BeardPath.

Inspired by the incredibile landscapes found in Italy, I have crafted a unique high end premium beard oil, the Mount Peak, a refreshing, spicy and woodsy combination of scents, that feel like an unforgotten journey.

I have tried tens of hundreds of beard oils, some reviewed in my blog here and I wasn't satisfied enough with my experience.

That's why Mount Peak was born. 6 months into the making, I have selected, dosed and tested the best Carrier & Essential Oils available on the market. I use 100% pure, bio and vegan products. It is an all natural oil, perfect for sensitive skins.

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Created by BeardPath

BeardPath is the creator of 4 amazing instagram communities, each one dedicated to a specific Beard niche. With over 30k followers we have gained an understanding of what beardmen love, which is why we have started crafting our own signature beard oil, sharing only the best vibes on each account.