How to grow a better beard

Phase 1: Patience. wait for your beard to grow

There are a few basic rules you want to start focusing on:
1. Forget about shaving & trimming. Hide your razor.
2. A beard is measured in months not in length
3. You need to set 3 milestones  (1 month, 3 months and 1 year beard)

The Itchy Phase

During the first 2 weeks you will be challenged with itchiness. Why is that? That's because you were used to shave. Shaving creates small spears at the end of each hair. When your facial hair grows, it curls towards your skin, poking it.
1. How do you overcome itchiness?
Again: Patience. itchiness also means that your beard is growing, and that's what you are looking for. Man Up!
Use Beard Oil or alternative moisturisers (avoid the one's containing alcohol!)
Day 1 to 5 (the stubble fase) you may use a soft goat scruff softener.
When you are done with this phase you want to start adjusting 3 areas of your facial hair:

1. The neckline (the line must be located where the neck meets the head.)
2. The upper cheeks (only remove what's out of the natural curvature of your face)
3. The Mustache lip (use a pair of small scissors for more precision)
Note: If you are going for a Yeard (or natural Beard) leave them be.
2. The first trimming
This is a critical phase. A lot of damage can be done with a razor if the first trimming is done improperly. The most common mistake done by initiates: trimming and shaving the neckline way to high. Another mistake is trimming way to much which leads most men to remove the whole beard out of frustration. What can you do to avoid ruining your future awesome beard?
1. Focus and take a few measurement before trimming
2. Make sure to choose the proper length on your beard trimmer
3. For the neckline and cheeks, trim the area first, then clean it up by shaving

Phase 2: Growing out your beard

After about 2 months your beard will change it's behaviour. it will become wavy, curly, and do all sort of crazy stuff. Consider it being the birth of your Natural Beard.
When you reach the 3 months milestone, you want to rinse your beard daily,  wash it with beard shampoo once a week and apply beard oil daily to maintain it properly moisturised throughout the day.
After washing your beard you can dry it with a blow dryer. Make sure to blow from your neck up, this way your beard will look both fuller and tidier.
use a comb(metal, wooden or acetate) and a boar hair brush to adjust your beard. Use some beard wax to style your beard and moustache.

Phase 3: Full Beard 

After several months into growing your beard you start visualising both what you are truly capable of growing and what type of beard will suits you best.
Choosing a beard style: 
You need to choose the style that will suits you better. Some men can grow a great beard in just a month, with filled up cheeks, neck and so on.
On the other hand, some men have patchy areas that have not filled in even after several months of growth. In this case, you need to be self aware about it and choose a style that can get along with what you have.
Hi there! I'm Adriano, beardman and co-founder of BeardPath. Got any questions, concerns or want to know more about our beard oil? Write me at [email protected] I will be more than happy to answer to your questions!

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