Scruff Stuff Beard Oil Company reviewed

Scruff Stuff Beard Oils reviewed

Today we are reviewing two of 6 available beard Oils at Scruff Stuff, the Barbershop and the Pirate’s Breath. Both contain the following ingredients:
- Grapeseed oil
- coconut oil
- jojoba oil
- castor oil
- essential oils
- vitamin E

Scruff Stuff Barbershop Beard Oil

This beard oil combines both a woody scent of sandalwood and patchouli with a great after tone of orange and tangy bergamot. The scent is not only great, it is also effective! For a medium sized beard (3/6 months), this beard oil seems to last all day long, without leaving your face and beard dry.

It has a good density. Many beard oils seem to just vanish in your hands, some other are too dense, this one is just right!


  • HOLD70%
  • LUSTER90%
  • SCENT50%

Scruff Stuff The Pirate’s Breath Beard Oil

This beard oil is a rum-esque mix of citrus, spice and sweetness. It is a combination of bay rum, cinnamon, cedarwood and lime!

It has a quite stronger scent compared to the barber Shop Oil, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

It is recommended for both cold and hot weathers since the scent is well balanced, it doesn't have a heavily sweet scent. And it is also great for medium to long beards. The viscosity makes this beard oil feel light, simple to apply, and holds all day long, as a Beard Oil should do!


  • HOLD70%
  • LUSTER90%
  • SCENT55%


The Barbershop & the Pirate's Breath are two great beard oils that you can add to your collection. They are both recommended for medium and long beards and for cold and hot weathers. They both seem to hold well all day long in the cold which avoids the beard to become dry.
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