TAMED Beard Oil Company reviewed

Every once in a while I stumble upon a product that breaks the standards. Today I am reviewing the Tamed Beard Company set of 7 beard oils, and they that are simply incredible! 

These beard oils contain 100% natural ingredients. 

What are beard oils good for? They help to promote healthy hair growth, and a softer skin. And, with the variety of scents available, they can be definitely be used as a great perfume replacement.

Tamed Beard Company has a set of 7 beard oils with incredible diverse scents. They have a strong hold, they feel light(not oily nor sticky) and they all smell fantastic. I have tried many beard oils, from different brands, with different ingredients and these beard oils merge together all the positive aspects a beard Oil should have.

  • incredible scents
  • great hold
  • effective conditioning
  • makes your beard shine
  • Affordable pricing

Each scent has it’s own characteristic and a great design identity with every bottle, which makes it even more valuable.

I have never tried a set of beard oils with such a variety of scents, going from a warm coconut scent(Island),  an incredibly refreshing Peppermint combined with vanilla, to a classic woodsman with cedar and pine essence.  You can use one scent for every day of the week, feel renewed, and being asked by people what smells this good! 

The selection:

  • Island Blend
  • Peppermint Blend
  • Woodland Blend
  • Citrus Blend
  • Western Blend
  • Spiced Rum Blend
  • Ocean Breeze Blend

The ingredients: 

  • Jojoba Oil
  • Grapeseed Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Essential Oils
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Vitamin E

Beard Oils

TAMED Island Blend
A Subtle, refreshing and warm coconut scent, amazing for any kind of daily activity, be it work, go on a date, anything, you name it!

Blend Qualities

  • HOLD50%
  • LUSTER70%
  • SCENT65%
TAMED Peppermint Blend
My personal favorite! People love how it smells. It is simply unique, the only mint/vanilla combo i've ever tried and guess what? It's a success

Blend Qualities

  • HOLD25%
  • LUSTER50%
  • SCENT75%

TAMED Woodland Blend
Really great compared to most wood-scented oils i've tried. definitely helps release your inner woodsman with its cedar and pine essence.

Blend Qualities

  • HOLD30%
  • LUSTER65%
  • SCENT65%
TAMED Citrus Blend

Refreshing, uplifting, energising and I would even say mood changing blend of grapefruit and orange oil.

Blend Qualities

  • HOLD50%
  • LUSTER70%
  • SCENT50%

TAMED Western Blend
Subtle and concise fragrance, could be used as a daily cologne. With its light cedar and leather blend it will leave you with a fresh, wild western feeling.

Blend Qualities

  • HOLD30%
  • LUSTER75%
  • SCENT40%
TAMED Spiced Rum
A perfect balance of spicy and bay rum, it will warm and refresh your beard all day long, definitely one of the most effective beard oils i've ever tried.

Blend Qualities

  • HOLD75%
  • LUSTER70%
  • SCENT80%

TAMED Ocean Breeze
The most subtle blend, it is refreshing, clean and calming, yet with an impressive hold. Perfect to drift you away into a vacation mood.

Blend Qualities

  • HOLD30%
  • LUSTER60%
  • SCENT65%


Tamed Beard Oil Company produces without doubt a great quality beard oil set. Their variety of 7 different scents, their good hold, awesome conditioning and affordable price, makes these beard oils a must have for every bearded enthusiast!

So go check them out on Their Website

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