The Audacious Beard Co. products Reviewed

The Audacious Beard Co. Review

Here is our Review for The Audacious Beard Co Beard Oil, Balm and Soap. I have been testing this set of products for a week and I have to say it is an amazing line of Beard care products.

Creating and crafting is very much at the heart of the brand.

Sam & Jezz

When they are not blending and bottling every oil, balm and wax by hand to bring you the most authentic artisan natural male grooming products imaginable, this pair of artists and creators can be found painting, sculpting or just generally tinkering away in their Kent based studio. Their mission is to help keep even the manliest of beards and whiskers soft and healthy, using only all natural products and emphatically insist on testing everything on the bearded Jezz rather than animals!

The Buccaneer by The Audacious Beard Co.

This Beard oil is composed of four essential oils and vitamin E combining aromas of rum and exotic spices.It delivers an amazing refreshing sensation.
Personally I am really enjoying the subtle combination between the different ingredients.
It made my beard and skin feel fresh and renewed. Definitively a recommended beard oil for any kind of beard length or style!

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The Woodsman by The Audacious Beard Co.

This Beard oil combines musky, spicy and woody aromas, with undertones of cedar wood and plaid shirts. An absolutely refreshing, energising and uplifting mixture of great aromas.
This is the kind of Beard Oil I imagine Leonardo di Caprio has used while filming The Revenant. A real fearless scent for real men who like to do stuff in the wide open, like camping, building fires, or why not, fighting with bears.
This particular beard oil is very moisturising leaving your beard and skin nourished and hydrated. I deeply like how refreshing and calming the aromas are. Already a favourite!

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The Wood Chopper by The Audacious Beard Co.

This beard oil defines manliness. With it's undertones of pine and bergamot it is best suited for real men.
Just like the Woodsman Beard Oil, it combines musky, earthy and woody aromas, with an addition of dark hot and peppery scents which I really enjoy. It moisturises and holds throughout the day very well.
This is the kind of beard oil you want to use when doing some , like to hike, building fires and many serious fearless and manly stuff.
In addition to what was already said about moisturising, I have to add that this beard oil is also great for soothing itching and speed healing. Absolutely recommended!

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Beard Balm by The Audacious Beard Co

This beard balm, with the same amazing woody, musky aroma as the Woodsman Beard Oil is a great softener and conditioner for your beard and moustache too! This balm is great to prevent and soothing itchiness.
I really enjoy how easy it is to apply it and how it holds all day long leaving the beard strong, and in shape!
Absolutely recommended for both short and long beards.

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Beard Shampoo Bar by The Audacious Beard Co

This beard shampoo bar is simply amazing. I want to start by saying that this bar has a very subtle scent, it leaves your skin and beard clean, soft and hydrated. What I like the most about it, is that is capable of refreshing your beard without drying it, which is very important. Definitively recommended to keep your skin and beard clean. Adding a natural beard soap to your daily routine is a must!

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The Audacious Beard Co. creates both amazing Beard Oils and Balms. The scents are very distinctive and unique.
Their product line is solid and the pricing is great.
Overall I really recommend you to try out their products cause it's worth it.

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