Tucker Hill Beard Oil and butter reviewed

Today I am reviewing two great products, the Tucker Hill Beard Oil and Beard Butter

Tucker Hill Silverlake Beard Oil, Silverlake and the North Star beard butter.

I have to say that the beard oil feels light and doesn't leave my beard or skin greasy or slick. This is an important aspect when choosing the right beard oil, it shouldn't create a mess and this Silverlake blend is a great combination of lightweight oils and an enjoyable scent. Same experience with the North Star, Beard butter. It feels great on my beard, smells fantastic, and has a very good hold.

Let's talk about the Carrier Oils that were used to craft this beard oil:

The ingredients included in this beard oil are definitely unordinary. They indeed have a great effect on my beard softness, and makes my usually extremely dry skin feel smoother, eliminating the itchiness.

- Organic sunflower oil & Safflower oil are light oils which are also rich in Vitamin E
- Extracts of chamomile, Calendula and aloe vera are all great anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal agents, they can help heal and soothe roughed or chapped skin, and reduce or eliminate dryness and flakiness.
- Fractionated coconut oil

How about the Scent?

After using this beard oil for a while I have to say that the scent is light but very enjoyable. The combination of various components makes it great for any occasion.

This Beard Oil is scented with the Silverlake fragrance, a scent which is the embodiment of 1950’s Madison Avenue masculinity with a dynamic scent architecture of sweet amber, oakmoss and leather, a hint of tobacco, patchouli and spicy black pepper. The scent is topped off with fresh hints of green bamboo, bergamot and citron.


  • HOLD75%
  • LUSTER80%
  • SCENT65%

Tucker Hill

Inspired Grooming Products for Men

Their products are great, with a very unique blends and a very enjoyable scents. I recommend their beard oils and beard butter it to anyone that is looking for a totally different.

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